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General Overview of the NLC

The role of the National Leadership Council (NLC) and its rules for functioning are detailed in
Article IV of the TU bylaws. The NLC is the volunteer body that sets the direction of TU and is
made up of one representative elected from each state of TU’s 36 councils. Click here for the
roster of NLC members.

The NLC has three purposes:

Establish the National Conservation Agenda (NCA)

Facilitate implementation of the National Conservation Agenda (NCA)

Build the organizational capacity of TU

The NLC accomplishes these three tasks by being a conduit between councils and TU national.
NLC Representatives bring issues and concerns from their states to the national level and then
bring decisions and initiatives from the national level back to their councils. The NLC meets
annually in person at the Annual Meeting and via teleconferences throughout the year.

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