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New Hampshire Council Trout Unlimited

New Hampshire's

Cold Water


 Deadline to sign up

April 15, 2024

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NH TU members work with a diverse group of partners, including state fish and wildlife agencies, federal resource agencies, and academic institutions to conserve trout and salmon and their habitats.

NH TU members educate our youth and adults on the benefits of conservation through our Trout In The Classroom Program, Youth Trout Camp, Let's Go Fishing Classes and other outreach programs and events.

With the threats associated with climate change and development pressure, sustaining the work we do for future generations requires we incorporate cutting-edge science and work with our local communities, regional planning commissions and state agencies to help implement protective measures for our watersheds.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Become a grassroots advocate for the protection of our environment.

TU activities benefit a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, from boaters and hikers, to campers, hunters and wildlife watchers - and of course we make fishing better. 

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